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   Ram Lights Tamiya Rollbar
Two #24 RAM Lites are packaged with two custom aluminum adapters which mount to the Tamiya roll bar used on the Midnight Pumpkin, Black feet and sold as an accessory item.
   RAM Lights
Two off road style. all aluminum lights for roll bar or body mounting.
   RAM Turn Lights
our amber bulbs are used to duplicate scale vehicle operation.
   RAM Tail and Stop Lights
TWhenever forward power is released the bulbs will go from a dim tail light to a bright intensity for brake light effect.
   RAM Head Lights
he aluminum 5/8" diameter reflector protects the bulb in the toughest crash.
   RAM Head Lights
Designed for Tamiya etc. molded grills.
   Ram LightBar
The molded plastic light bar is 31/2" long with a chrome base and 2 red lenses, perfect for 1/10 and 1/12 scale vehicles.
   Tamiya RC Light Bulb Set
This is an actual working light bulb set primarily for RC cars and trucks.
   New Era Models Two Servo Y Harness
Two Servo Y Harness.
   FMA Direct Servo Y-Block
Y-block for JR/Futaba Servos.
   FMA Direct Servo Y-Block
Y-block for JR Servos.
   FMA Direct Servo Y-Block
Y-block for Futaba Servos.
   RAM Rectangular Lights
Light actually is very bright for its size.
   RAM Racers Stop Lights
Now R/C car racers have a small (1/2 x 1 inch) light (1/8 ounce) device featuring two, bright instrument bulbs with red lenses.
   RAM Cab Marker Lights
hese assembled, scale lights are 1 inch long, have amber lenses and are ready for quick installation. They are aluminum, rugged and AMERICAN MADE.
   RAM Clearance Lights
This 8 light set provides for all 4 sides of a truck, tractor or trailer.
   RAM Pace Car Light Set
This set includes 2 #19 Headlights with aluminum reflectors, 2 tail lights with red lenses, 4 flashing hazard lights with amber lenses and a RAM 07 Light Bar with 2 flashing bulbs and an adjustable rate flasher all wired into one system.
   RAM Lights with Folding Roll bar
Now you can have a roll bar that won't tear up your light plastic truck and car bodies. Two #24 RAM Lites are supplied with aluminum adapters and all hardware to make a fold away roll bar which adapts to any R/C body.
   ESP Electronic Speed Control Cooling Fan
When running two mod motors, the speed controls get hot enough to fry eggs.  This electronic fan wires right into your main battery lead and really keeps the heat under control for improved power, run-time and ESC performance.  Comes with universal aluminum mounting bracket to fit all brand ESC's.
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