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   ESP ClodBuster Wide Ride Kit
This kit will make your truck a full 2" wider than the stock machine.
   ESP Clodzillalever Floating Shock System
Designed to be used exclusively with the CLODZILLA 2 chassis and Multi-Link suspension, the new CLODZILLALEVER kit incorporates a radical full floating shock design wich creates a true rising rate action in the suspension for incredible handling. A.K.A. Clodzillalever II Cantilever Kit
   ESP Clodzilla II Long Wheelbase Suspension Kit
This is the Clodzilla II long wheelbase suspension kit for the Tamiya Clodbuster and Bullhead kits. It is based on the same race technology used on the standard multi-link suspension kit.
   ESP Clodzilla III Cantilever Kit
Shocks are mounted inboard above the chassis for more centered weight Increases wheel travel and reduces ride height for a lower center of gravity. Parts made of aluminum. Specially designed for the CLODZILLA III full race chasis.
   ESP Clodzilla IV Cantilever Kit
This is the cantilever kit for the Clodzilla IV.
   ESP Multi-Link Suspensin Kit
This is the multi-link suspensin kit for the Clodzilla.
   ESP Suspension Stabilizers
Suspension Stabilizers.
   ESP Suspension Lift Kit
This is ESP's popular suspension lift kit for the Tamiya Clodbuster or Bullhead.
   ESP Aluminum Steering Link with Ball Bearing
Direct replacement for stock servo saver
   ESP H.D. Steering Rod Kit with Ends
This is the steering rod kit for the Clodzilla kits.
   ESP H.D. Steering Rod Kit
This is a heavy duty steering rod kit for the Tamiya Clodbuster or Bullhead. These rods are machined from solid 1/4" aluminum and will directly replace the weaker stock rods in the kit. This package does not include the plastic rod ends or balls, use the stock plastic ends and balls that came in the Tamiya kit.
   ESP Aluminum Rear Steering Lock-Out Kit
This is for you Clod or Jugg owners that like to lock up the rear steering for improved straight line stability.
   ESP Dual Servo Conversion Kit
This is a dual servo conversion kit for the Tamiya Clodbuster and Bullhead kits. The servos are mounted with the included brackets above and behind the motor, where they will not be damaged in crashes.
   ESP Clodzilla Power Up Motors
18 turn double-wind, ball bearings, brush heatsinks, 5.2 wet magnets, single-shunt wire in motor brush with eyelet, Nexus plastic endbell and vented metal can.
   ESP Twin-Tube Rear Bumper
This is a "twin-tube" style rear bumper for the Tamiya Clodbuster kit. All aluminum construction provides protection.
   ESP Front Bumper with Brush Guard
This is a twin-tube front bumper with brush guard for the Tamiya Clodbuster. It features heavy duty solid aluminum construction with a built-in brush guard. Bolts on with no modifications.
   ESP Twin-Tube Lower Bumper
Twin-Tube Lower Bumper.
   ESP Aluminum Body Mounts Grave Digger
Want to put the Gravedigger body on your Tamiya Clodbuster or Bullhead? ESP makes it easy with this aluminum body mount set. Extra-tall to accommodate for the Gravedigger body, the aluminum construction is stronger than the stock plastic body mounts and eliminates the chance of breakage.
   ESP Clodzilla Antisway Bar Kit
This is the swaybar assembly for the Clodzilla kits.
   ESP Aluminum Low-Profile Body Mounts
Aluminum Low-Profile Body Mounts.
   ESP Aluminum Hi-Lift Body Mounts
This is a set of aluminum body mounts for the Tamiya Clodbuster or Bullhead. These mounts eliminate the breakage problems of the stock plastic mounts and also lift the body an additional 5/8".
   ESP Aluminum Skid Plate
This is an aluminum skid plate for the Tamiya Clodbuster and Bullhead kits. It is designed to be used with ESP's Lower Bumper. This skid plate provides protection for the gear case.
   ESP Clodzilla Wheelie Bar
ESP's Clodzilla adjustable wheelie bar for the Tamiya Clodbuster and Bullhead bolts directly onto the stock gear case and enables the truck to wheelie or climb without going over backwards.
   ESP Electronic Speed Control Cooling Fan
When running two mod motors, the speed controls get hot enough to fry eggs.  This electronic fan wires right into your main battery lead and really keeps the heat under control for improved power, run-time and ESC performance.  Comes with universal aluminum mounting bracket to fit all brand ESC's.
   ESP Clodzilla 4 Pro full race kit
This is truly the the state of the art in conversion kits for the ClodBusters and Bullheads. It is the lightest kit that we offer at only 8lbs.,with over 4" of ground clearance and a whopping 10" of wheel independent travel.It includes seven individual products in one box for everything that you will need (except oil shocks & electrics) to complete the ultimate racer or backyard bashin' monster!!
   ESP Clodzilla 3 Intermediate race kit
For those of you who want less weight in your monster truck & more suspension travel without having to spend alot, this kit is for you! It features a much smaller and lighter chassis than our ESP CLODZILLA II but is extremely durable as well. Even though it is an entry level kit, alot of people still race these because of the fact that it sits very low to the ground and corners extremely well.
   ESP Rokzilla
RokZilla is the result of ESP Hobby Mfg's. 18 years of experience in manufacturing chassis conversion kits for the ClodBuster. We realized that Rock Crawling is the hottest new segment of the market and decided to dedicate a kit exclusively for the task. Come on inside and experience the coolest Rock Crawler you have ever seen!
   ESP Clodzilla 2 Sport kit
This is the original CLODZILLA conversion kit for the ClodBuster and Bullhead R/C monster trucks. It is this kit that truly took the R/C world by storm when it was introduced back in 1990. Now you could take the otherwise ho-hum Clod kit and really turn it into something way-cool !! Several thousand of these kits have been sold all over the world and they still keep selling today.The reason is that the CLODZILLA II is such a versatile truck because it will accept all of the stock Tamiya parts; stock body, mechanical speed control, shocks, etc or can easily be upgraded to our high performance parts as your budget allows.
   ESP Clodzilla 2 Ladder Frame Chassis
This is the Clodzilla II ladder frame chassis for the Tamiya Clodbuster and Bullhead. It is the original ladder frame type racing chassis that has become very popular over the years.
   ESP Clodzilla IV Super Lite Chassis
This is the superlite chassis for the Clodzilla IV.
   ESP Clodzilla III Full Race Chassis
This includes; Chassis, Multi-position shock mounts, low profile; aluminum body mounts, and a lightweight radio tray.
   ESP Chassis Brace Kit
One-piece brace eliminates the common chassis breakage problem Adds rigidity to the chassis for greater overall strength and improved handling Aluminum construction.
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