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   Parma Saturn Vue
Saturn Vue
   Parma 37 Custom Coupe
37 Custom Coupe
   Parma Classic Off Road
Classic Off Road
   Parma 03 Hummer H2
03 Hummer H2
   Parma 34 Ford
34 Ford
   Parma 91 Bigfoot
91 Bigfoot
   Parma Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco
   Parma Bigfoot ChromaLusion F-350
Bigfoot ChromaLusion F-350
   Parma Predator - Painted Body w/Decals
Predator - Painted Body w/Decals
   Parma Blackfoot F-150
Blackfoot F-150
   Parma WV Mountaineer
WV Mountaineer
   Parma Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
   Parma 53 Ford
53 Ford
   Parma 50s Panel Truck
A panel truck body that looks similar to an early 50s Chevy.
   Parma Grave Digger 20th Ann - Painted Body
Grave Digger 20th Ann - Painted Body
   Parma Team Meents - Painted Body & Decals
Team Meents - Painted Body & Decals
   Parma Team Meents - Clear Body & Decals
Team Meents - Clear Body & Decals
   Parma 69 Monster Muscle Car
69 Monster Muscle Car
   Parma Nissan Titan
Nissan Titan
   Parma Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra
   Parma 97 Ford F-150
97 Ford F-150
   Parma 99 Ford F-350 Ext Cab
99 Ford F-350 Ext Cab
   Parma 99 Ford Expedition
99 Ford Expedition
   Parma Ford F-350
Ford F-350
   Parma 67 Ford F-100
67 Ford F-100
   Parma 04 Ford F-150
04 Ford F-150
   Parma 94 Dodge Ram
94 Dodge Ram
   Parma 97 Dodge Dakota
97 Dodge Dakota
   Parma 97 Dodge Durango
97 Dodge Durango
   Parma Ram Ext Cab
Ram Ext Cab
   Parma 02 Dodge Ram
02 Dodge Ram
   Parma '97 Bigfoot Body w/Decal
This is the 1/10 scale '97 Bigfoot Replacement Body from Parma.
   Parma 02 Dodge Ram Quad Cab
02 Dodge Ram Quad Cab
   Parma 57 Chevy Truck
57 Chevy Truck
   Parma 99 Chevy Silverado Z71
99 Chevy Silverado Z71
   Parma Chevy Silverado
Chevy Silverado
   Parma 56 Chevy Nomad
56 Chevy Nomad
   Parma 03 Trail Blazer
03 Trail Blazer
   Parma 72 Chevy Truck
72 Chevy Truck
   Parma 03 Escalade ESV
03 Escalade ESV
   Parma 02 Escalade EXT
02 Escalade EXT
   Parma Monster Trash Truck
Looking for something completely different?
   Parma Chevy Blazer Body
Parma has designed this 1/10 Scale truck body to fit the CHEVY BLAZER
   Parma Fire Truck Body
A Fire Truck!
   Parma Skool Bus Body
Skool Bus
   Parma Clod Buster Body
Clod Buster Pick-Up Truck
   Parma 13" Wheel Base Ford Body
13" Wheel Base Ford Body for your colds!
   Parma Grave Digger™ #12 Painted
This is the Painted Grave Digger #12 Body.
   Parma Grave Digger™ #12
Unpainted Grave Digger #12.
   Parma Ford F-350 Body
Now you can match the aggressive styling and looks of your 1/10 scale monster truck to the body. This is a highly detailed 1/10 scale 1999 Ford F-350 extra cab truck body that can be trimmed to fit most 1/10 scale monster truck kits.
   Parma 1/10 Chevy Stepside Body
Parma bodies are made of durable lexan. These bodies will (for the most part) fit any chassis that is made to the same scale. Each body may have to be cut a little differently to correctly fit various kits
   Parma Chevy 454SS Truck Body
This is a 1/10 scale Replica of the Chevy 454SS Pickup Truck by PARMA.
 does not sell any of the products listed on this site. is just an information collection on parts for the Clod Buster. Any sales between seperate stores listed on this site are between you and that store.