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All Stock items should be listed here for The Clodbuster. For a list of items needed just to build the gear box, click here!


   Tamiya Wheel Clod Buster
Front or Rear White Wheels.
   Tamiya Tire Set 58065/89
A "V" tread tractor type tire pattern. A very soft rubber tire. The side walls have "ALL TRACTION UTILITY" & "66X43 00-25" printed on them.
   Tamiya F Parts (Stock)
F Parts
   Tamiya E Parts (Stock)
Axle Tube
   Tamiya D Parts (Stock)
Knuckle arm's
   Tamiya C Parts (Stock)
Chassis/Suspension parts.
   Tamiya B Parts (Stock)
Gear Box parts.
   Tamiya A Parts (Stock)
Chassis Parts.
   Tamiya Clodbuster Instructions (Stock)
The instruction book for the Clodbuster.
   Tamiya Motor (Stock)
Stock Tamiya replacement motor.
   Tamiya Antenna Pipe 38mm (Stock)
Stock Replacement Antenna pipe.
   Tamiya Clodbuster Sticker (Stock)
Replacement Decal set for the Clodbuster.
   Tamiya Wheel Hub Bag (Stock)
Wheel Hub Bag
   Tamiya Ball Connector Bag (Stock)
This is the replacement ball connector bag for the Clodbuster.
   Tamiya Clodbuster Speed Control (Stock)
This is the stock mechanical speed control
   Tamiya Drive Shaft Bag (Stock)
A.K.A. Dog Bones
   Tamiya Wheel Axle 2-Piece (Stock)
Stock Wheel Axle 2-Piece
   Tamiya Clodbuster Chassis (Stock)
This is the stock, molded black tub chasses.
   Tamiya Counter Shaft (Stock)
Counter Shaft
   Tamiya Slide Switch (Stock)
Replacement switch.
   Tamiya Pinion 13T (Stock)
Stock 13 tooth, 32 pitch aluminum pinion.
   Tamiya Press Parts Bag (Stock)
Pressed metal parts
   Tamiya Gear Set (Stock)
These are the molded nylon gears that go inside your gear box.
   Tamiya Thread Shaft Bag (Stock)
Stock Thread Shaft Bag.
   Tamiya Rod Bag (Stock)
Stock Rod Bag.
   Tamiya Ceramic Grease (Stock)
Ceramic grease is used for lubrication of gears and moving parts in all mechanical operations. For metal gears and plastic and metal bushings.
   Tamiya Switch lubricant (Stock)
The Switch Lubricant is designed for use on mechanical speed controllers. It may be used with plastics.
   Tamiya Snap Pin Set (Stock)
A.K.A. Body pins
   Tamiya RC Nylon Band Set (Stock)
RC Nylon Band Set.
   Tamiya Tool Set (Stock)
This has the 4-way wrench, and allen wrences.
   Tamiya Screw Bag D (Stock)
Plastic bushings and miscellaneous metal screws and clips.
   Tamiya Screw Bag C (Stock)
Screw Bag C
   Tamiya Screw Bag B (Stock)
Self tapping screws, nuts and bolts.
   Tamiya Screw Bag A (Stock)
Screw Bag A
   Tamiya Roll Bar (Stock)
Stock Chrome Roll bar
   Tamiya K Parts (Stock)
Rectangular headlight lenses.
   Tamiya J parts (Stock)
The chrome bumpers.
   Tamiya G/H Parts (Stock)
Body Parts
   Tamiya R/C Wheel Axle 2-Piece (Stock)
This is the replacement wheel axle for the Tamiya Clod Buster and the Bullhead. These axles are made of metal and accept the stock dogbones.
 does not sell any of the products listed on this site. is just an information collection on parts for the Clod Buster. Any sales between seperate stores listed on this site are between you and that store.