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Below is a list of parts that are needed in creating two complete gear box's.

  1. 1055291 Instructions: This should be first on your list.
  2. 0005294 B parts: Gear box halves, Servo saver, and wheel adapters. (2)
  3. 9405352 Press parts: This box contains the supports that go from the gear box to axle housing. Necessary if you plan to use ESP or a Bennett set up.
  4. 0005296 D parts: This contains the steering knuckles. (2)
  5. 0005297 E parts: These are your axle tubes. (2)
  6. 9805230 Wheel axle bag: These go inside the steering knuckle. (2)
  7. 9805229 Drive shaft bag: This contains the axle shafts. (2)
  8. 9405353 Ball connector bag: The servo collar, wheel hub, and axle to differential gear adapter, are in here.
  9. 50327 Gear bag: Contains the main gears. (2)
  10. 3515001 Thirteen tooth pinion. (2)  (I recommend a non stock one.  Robinson Racing makes a great one.)
  11. 9805231 Counter shafts: This are what the gears spin on. (2)
  12. 9465188 Screw bag A parts: Contains various metric machine screws.
  13. 9465189 Screw bag B parts: This has the bolts for the servo saver.
  14. 9465190 Screw bag C: All your nuts and some washers can be found in this bag.
  15. 9465191 Screw bag D parts: In here you will find the e-clips that hold in the axles. Also plastic bushings, and set screws for the pinions.
  16. 9405349 Rod bag: Contains the servo saver springs and tie rods.

The above list does not include tires, wheels, any electrics, shocks, and gear diff lube. I recommend you buy bearings before you assemble the gear box's.  I personally recommend BigBallBearings Bearing Set,  It is the only true complete bearing kit.  If you buy other bearing kits you will need to buy 4 extra bearings.  I use only BigBallBearings Bearings in all my Clods, that should say allot.

You can buy all these parts from hobby stores, or Clod Buster Junk Yard. Clod Buster Junk Yard  also sells complete gear box's with bushings, or bearings.

Click here for an large exploded view of the Clod gear box's.
Click here for an large exploded view of the complete Clod, minus body. does not sell any of the products listed on this site. is just an information collection on parts for the Clod Buster. Any sales between seperate stores listed on this site are between you and that store.