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December 04, 2008

 - Fixed the site!  You may have gotten a prompt to download a file when visiting the front page.  The reason for this was a new version of Apache was installed on the server and some of my cooding would not work anymore.  Thought I had fixed it.  It actually worked on FireFox but not ie I found out today.  So Spent some time reading manuals and have it fixed now!

Added new Crawford Performance Engineering products.  Fixed the broken Fast Links to their products and updated all of their prices.  Added a new item for RCguy and fixed their Fast Links too.  updated all their pricing too!  Fixed all the images on the link me page and a few more bugs.  Added an Old School Products section too!  Still have more work to do!  So no update email just yet!

September 24, 2008

 - Removed Inerbeecrew's products today since they are no longer in business.   This site needs an update badly!  Soon I promise!

November 25, 2007

 - Today I updated the rest of Inet RC's parts and took off everything they no longer make.  Added more Hot-Racing Products to the site.  Added the new RC Guy product, and also started added Itegy to the site with the addition of their gears!   I also fixed my contact form today!

November 06, 2007

 - Today I updated most of the Hot Racing products to the web site.  The rest of their clod parts will be added ASAP!   Hopefully this weekend I'll get around to removing all the products no longer available.  Which unfortunately seems like a few of the Korean Companies.

July 22, 2007

 - Today I updated the RCGUY Products and the CPE products!   Also took off the Clod Mod Racing products since I do not know a single place to get them any more.     More updates are planned!  I know there's some new clod stuff out there!

ody update.   Added the new Pro-line bodies and Parma bodies.   Also removed Vans Invent and Defiance Racing products since they no longer seem around.  Also I've been tweaking the category pages a bit.  I really like the look now!  Now all I need is a new interface, but don't have anybody to do it at the moment.

Added Thunder Tech Racings news products, also removed some that they discontinued.   Removed Junfacs chassis along with Inner Bee Crew's chassis.  I don't think there making them anymore and they have been out of stock for longer than I can remember.    Updated and removed RC4WD's items.   Added The Crawler Store's products to the site.  They have some of thee best crawling chassis available.   I plan another update soon, I know RCGuy Is coming out with a new chassis, and ESP is coming out with another part.  All very soon!

July 30, 2006

 - Updated all of Crawford Performance Engineering products prices.  Also added their new products.  Updated some Servo prices too!   Added the Blue Bird Technology Servo line.   Also added a TowerPro servo.

May 14, 2006

 - Added Junfacs new products.  Added the new Innerbeecrew new products!   G-made's new tires and wheels were add3ed today also!

December 24, 2005

 - Added Junfacs new Feather-lite chassis, and other new products.  Added the new Innerbeecrew products!   Also added the Crawford Performance Engineering product line to the site!  The new Novak ESC was added, while the all time favorite Super Rooster was removed.  I also changed the Xtreme prices on their products to reflects today's prices!

September 12, 2005

 - Added Junfacs Feather-lite chassis today.

August 26, 2005

 - This update was rather later than I wanted.  I've been working on two clods my self.  Any how....  Today I added the ESP's RokZilla truck!   I finally have info.  I also added a ton of products by RC4WD!  Some sweet wheels , links, rear steering lock-out, to the new RockBull Chassis!   I also added Thunder Tech Racings's new products; ball diff, and the new CVD's!

June 11, 2005

 - Today I worked on the discontinued section.  Fixed most of the errors in that area.  Also added Thunder Tech Racings & InetRC's products to that section that they have discontinued!  Also added some New Era Model products to the regular section of the site!

June 06, 2005

 - Today I removed a bunch of discontinued products by Parma and InetRC.  I added ThunderTech Racings parts that were not up.  I also added parts by Clod Mod Racing and JPS.   A member of told me I didn't have Tweaked Racing products up, so now I do!  I also added some of the products by the fine company Innerbeecrew to the site.  They have some very good quality clod chassis available!

March  12, 2005

 - Dahm's bodies have been purchased by and now released as Van's Invent!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!  Remember, clods can be driving all year!

December  04, 2004

 - Added Defiance Racing & Team PRP products to the site!  Added the two new Imex tires,  they are not yet available, nor do they have part numbers!  If you pre-order you can get a discount!  While purchasing my ClodZilla 2 from ESP,  I talked Eric into making a ESP rear steering lock out!  He's now selling them to the public! 

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!  Remember, clods can be driving all year!

November 07, 2004

 - Added Mtroniks three ESC's to the site!

November 02, 2004

 - Added Inet RC's two new chassis today.  Their budget chassis and there newest creation!

October 19, 2004

 - Added G-main's products to the site.  G-made is a Korean company who has made many trucks that you know about like the Silver Ghost.  He now is producing two chassis that look beautiful!  So visit the G-made page to see what products he is selling!  This month is five year anniversary!  Wow!  This site has gone through many changes!  Can't believe its still up!  The Clod is just as hot as ever!

Looked over the Hop-ups section today and noticed parts in there that shouldn't be.  Id like to re-organize that whole section soon!

September 03, 2004

 - Today's update included two companies.  Thunder Tech Racing's The "Rage" budget chassis was posted.   RC4WD contacted me and informed me I forgot about them!  So now Their clod products are posted.  They just happen to be: RC4WD Aluminum Beadlock Wheels, RC4WD Aluminum 50T Counter Gear, RC4WD Aluminum 44T Counter Gear, RC4WD TracGear III Locker, RC4WD 3x Aluminum Gears.

I created a new section called gears since RC4WD has started producing aluminum gears for the clod.

As of publication time, Imex has not released the names of the clod tires.  Also Inet RC did not have any pictures of their budget chassis or gothic chassis!  By October these items should be up on here!

July 25, 2004

 - Small update today.  Added Inet RC Clod Locked Diff Adaptor, Inet RC RAM Light Mounts.  Two new chassis are coming out soon.  Thunder Tech Racing is producing a budget chassis.  Not to be out done, INET RC is also producing their own version of a budget chassis witch should be cheaper than Thunder Techs.  Budget and clod have never been used together before.  This should be interesting!  RCGuy is working on a new bumper/skid for you jeep fans.  And the last bit of news is two new tires coming out of Imex.  They have not been named at this time.   I took down the Bolink products since they have gone out of buisness!

March 21, 2004

 - Added the new RCGUY Gecko 2 chassis, and the Rogue Element Components Aluminum Bead lock Wheels.

January 21, 2004

 - Added the new Inet Bat chassis, and knockoffs.  Click here to see their products.  Also added Clod Mod Racing products, they are here.  I've gotten over a hundred pounds of old RCCA magazines over the last few days.  I almost have a complete set from 1988 to present.  I will be scanning all weekend to put up the new ads/articles.

January 08, 2004

 - Fixed broken images on the sites.

January 02, 2004

 - Added more articles, and more flash back ads.

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