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November 03, 2002

Small update,  not much going on in the clod world.  Added 3 products today:  Thunder Tech Racing 7 to 1 Gear Reduction Unit, ESP ClodBuster Wide Ride Kit, and Xtreme Racing XC2 Chassis.

The review feature was being abused this last week, so its been de-activated.  I'll either re-write it,  or leave it off completely.  If you think I need it back, let me know!

August 12, 2002

Finally an update!  Ok added the following products: Thunder Tech Racing Wheel Widener Kit, Thunder Tech Racing Eliminator Steering System, Traxxas EVX Speed Control E-Maxx

Also added:  APM Clod Chevy Emblem Front Bumper, APM Clod Chevy Emblem Rear Bumper, Team CRP Clodbuster Adj. Motor Mount, Team CRP Clodbuster Body Button Mounting Kit, APM Clod Warrior Front Bumper, APM Clod Operational Front End Tilt Kit, APM Clod Bug Shield, APM Clod Bed Tarp.  APM went out of business in the early 90's, and is a collected item for the clod now.  Some of you might have seen me sell alot of this stuff on eBay in the past.  I've collected up enough of it and am now selling it at my new online store  This store sells Clod, USA1, Blackfoot, and maxx parts currently.  It will grow larger with time.

RC Midwest is now closed and products have been removed.  From time to time, his parts may be for sale at

As stated above,  I have opened up an online store called  This store will carry R/C Monster Truck parts for many different brands of MT's.  Check out the store and help it grow!  the address is

June 25, 2002

Small update today.  Removed JpP, Beach Racing, Hotrodical customs, !Zoom, HomeBrew Racing products since these are no longer available.  I added The RC Mayhem products: RC Mayhem Quick Release Battery Mount Kit, RC Mayhem Road Hog 3/4" Wheel Offset KitRC Mayhem Boss Kong Racing Chassis.

RC Mayhem is an interesting young new company with a chassis that uses stock suspension arms.  It looks very interesting,  I may have to pick one up some day.

As many of you have seen on the front page, I am out of town for most of the summer do to my job.  Don't expect many more updates.  This week I am home for 2 days, so I made the update.  Take care and happy cloding.  Look forward to seeing you in the fall.

April 05, 2002

Not much going on in the clod world.  I added John Etzler's NR/CTP 2001 Word Championships video.  I removed the Stormer Hobbies 4:1 gear reduction,  i found out they no longer have any.  The Imex Dually Spiked Clod Tires with Rims have been removed.  They finally ran out of them.  I have not heard any word on if they are bringing them back.  Hopefully they will bring their old spiked tired back.  I want them so bad!

I am now selling caps for $13.00 each.  Please click here for more info.

February 01, 2002

Couple updates this month.  Added the following products: Team Blue Star Sealed Blue Bearing Set for Tamiya Clodbuster/BullheadFMA Direct PS705MBB Premiere Series High Output Servo, FMA Direct PS905MBB Premiere Series High Output Servo, Pro-Line Chevy Suburban body, Pro-Line Jeep CJ8 body, Pro-Line Cadillac Escalade body.  Added a new section called videos.  Right now the NR/CTPA videos by David Gatheright Videos are in there.  Removed 3 of the FMA servo's.  They don't make the gray ones any more, which by the way was my favorite servo. 

Bodies section now has links to view just Monster truck bodies, Monster Jam bodies, and brand bodies (ie Chevy, ford, ect..).

Fixed some mistakes on my navigation frame.

Posted some sample hats for  These should be for sale by the end of this month.  Click here for more info.

A new small survey is up.  You can win a free sample cap.  Click here for more info!

Believe that's it for this month!

January 01, 2002

Small update today, added: Parma Wolverine Body, Parma Bulldozer Monster Truck, and the Parma Spiderman Monster Truck body.  Thats it this month.  Next month I plan on organizing the Body section a little more.  That way you can select to see just the Chevy Bodies, Just the Ford Bodies (why? I don't know!) and so on.  I'll also have it set up so you can just see the Monster Jam bodies.

Last month some small changes were made to the site, nothing visually, just how the products are called up.

Happy New Year every One!

November 11, 2001

Small update this month, I added the following parts: Thunder Tech Racing Tremor, Thunder Tech Racing Servo Mount kit, Thunder Tech Racing Bumper & Servo Mount Combo, Thunder Tech Racing Aluminum bumper / skid plate, Parma 13" Wheel Base Ford Body, Thunder Tech Racing CNC Lower 4-Link Bar kit, and Thunder Tech Racing Upper Aluminum 4-link bar kit.

Linked CJY on the main page again.  Look for the nice graphic I made. I'm now a prod member of the NR/CTPA.  Look for some logo on my site in the near future.

Clod Talk Forum is now hosted by,  so if you have any Clod related questions, go check it out!

If you guys don't know already, the NR/CTPA has a new web site.  Its located at:   If your into clods or pulling, I recommend you join them.  It doesn't cost a whole lot, and you'll be supporting your R/C MT community!

October 01, 2001

Small site update,  added a Pro-line S-10 Chevy body, JPP t-maxx wheel adapters for clod, JPP Ofna 17mm monster pirate wheel adapter for clod. As you can see, a new company called JPP was added.

New web site up, its called Custom Clod Parts.  If for all you people who like building your own parts.  Its quit new, so only two items are up.  Go sign up and submit your custom parts ASAP!

Free Product this month will be the Two sets of RC Boyz Clod Bearings..  You must fill out the survey again to be entered to win this product.  Two winners will be selected to receive one set of bearings.  Click here to enter the survey.

September 02, 2001

Not much of an update for this month,  but I'll get to it.  Added: Imex Chrome Clod Rims, Hot Rodical Customs HC3 Billet Wheel without Beedlocks, Hot Rodical Customs HCB4 Billet Wheel without Beedlocks, Hot Rodical Customs HCB5 Billet Wheel without Beedlocks, Hot Rodical Customs HCB6 Billet Wheel without Beedlocks, Hot Rodical Customs HCB8 Billet Wheel without Beedlocks, Hot Rodical Customs HCB9 Billet Wheel without Beedlocks.  Thats about it.

A new item has been p[osted for the survey,  Imex Chrome Clod Wheels, so go fill out the survey form again!
Click here to enter the survey

August  01, 2001

Pretty big update today, lets get to it.  I added Xtreme Racing XC1 Chassis, Radical Chassis Midwest Bare Frame, Beach Racing II-Tweaked Chassis, Xtreme Racing G-10 tranny servo mount, Xtreme Racing G-10 rear steer lock out, Xtreme Racing G-10 steering combo, Xtreme Racing Shock mount brackets, Imex Dually Tractor Tread Clod Wheel Kit.   Added a new section: Shocks.  Too many shocks to list.  Just go check out the shock section.  Added Pictures to the Clodzilla 4 Pro full race kit.

The Results page was changed too.  So was the main page.

Free Product this month will be the Sassy Chassis Ultra-Light Pro Racing Chassis.  You must fill out the survey again to be entered to win this product.  Last months winners have been selected. One of them has replied back with his address.  The other has not at this time.  If he doesn't, another winner will be drawn to take his place.  Click here to enter the survey.

July  01, 2001

Today marks the one year anniversary of being up,  read a little lower for a special gift.  Now the updated, added the following products: Homebrew Racing Round Stock Aluminum Clod Buster Gear case bumper, Homebrew Racing Square Stock Aluminum Clod Buster Gear case bumper, Austin R/C Technologies, Inc. VFX, BoLINK '55 Chevy 2 Door, BoLINK Explorer Sport Track Body, BoLINK '53 Chevy Truck Body, BoLINK '56 Ford Pick-Up Truck Body, BoLINK Chevy Avalanche Body, Pro-Line Ford F-150 Body, Pro-Line Peterbilt Big Rig.  New pictures were added to: Clod Triple Shock Stands (4wd), Sassy Chassis CLOD/USA-1 FOAM TIRE INSERTS, Sassy Chassis Clod Ultralite Stretch Chassis, Imex Clod Baja, Imex Clod Truck Pull.  The following product pages were fixed of errors (bad links, ectt.): FMA Direct S355 Servo.  As you could see, three new companies were added, BoLINK, Homebrew Racing, and Austin R/C.  On a side note, Trick Racing was removed, I have been told he is no longer making the accessories.

Now that I got you to read all that, as I said before, July 1st marks the one year anniversary.  With any anniversary, gifts are given.  I was able to talk a few companies into donating some products to give out.  All that you need to do is fill out a short survey, should only take a minute, and leave a valid e-mail address.  At the end of the month, I will randomly select two winners.  Each winner will receive one set of Imex tires for this month.  Winners do not decide what set they will receive.  Next months gift, will be a Sassy Chassis Chassis!  You must fill out the survey for each month to be entered.  Click here to go to the survey page.

June  10, 2001

Very small update,  added Thunder Tech Racing's Ripper chassis.  Moved Imex tires from special deals, to tires.  That's it.  Still looking for info on Austin RC, and now BoLINK.

May 09, 2001

Small update, Pro-Line ML430 MAXX, Pro-Line Chrysler PT Cruiser MAXX, Pro-Line Early 50's Chevy Panel Truck, Pro-Line Early 50's Chevy Pickup, Pro-Line Humm-Vee Militia, Pro-Line Humm-Vee Urban, 2001 Chevy Silverado CrewCab, Pro-Line 2001 Ford Excursion SUV, Pro-Line 2000 Ford F-350 and the Thunder Tech Racing Axle Tube Brace Combo Kit.

Thunder Tech Racing has published some photos of their new chassis "Ripper",  click here for more info.


April 02, 2001

Not much of an update.  Fixed a few items with the Parma bodies.  It was not displaying them all, and it was saying there was no images for them.  I also fixed some Netscape 6 issues, and added a Netscape 6 SideBar tab, look for it on the main page. ( I am a Netscape Freak).  Fixed the Imex link on the links page.  Been informed Imex is out of their remade Baja tires.  Luckily for me, I already got a set.  Thunder Tech is having a Spring sale, (If I had the money I'd buy their Centurion chassis)   Check out the sale here.  I'm looking into Austin R/C Technologies, they have two clod chassis, but he has never replied to my e-mails.  Not much has gone on with his web site ( ), but he has advertised in R/C Car Action two times.  If any of you guys have dealt with him, please contact me.  I don't like adding companies that are pretenders, and not respond to customers.  This happened with Rod Boys tube frames in the past.  My main goal is to help you, not cause headaches.

February 04, 2001

Not much being released, ESP I don't think has anything new planned, Thunder Tech does, but nothing released yet.  The only real new items are coming from Parma.  Here's the updates: Parma Chevy Monster Truck Body, Parma Toyota Tundra Painted Body, Goldberg Monster Truck Body, FMA Direct Y-Connector Block (Futaba), FMA Direct Y-Connector Block (JR), FMA Direct Y-Connector Block (Futaba/JR ), RC Boyz Bearing Set (has a new pic and new info!!!).  That's it, see ya next month!

January 05, 2001

Hope every one had a decent holiday, another year has gone, and look, The CLOD BUSTER STILL RULES, and so does this site, lol.  Not much is new,  I added pictures to ESP Clodzillalever Floating Shock System, ESP H.D. Steering Rod Kit with Ends, ESP Dual Servo Conversion Kit, ESP Aluminum Hi-Lift Body Mounts.  One of my paychecks was decent, so I decided to get my ESP Clodzilla 2 fixed up.  I also received some more old R/C Car Actions and posted some more old ads.  You can view them on the Flash Back Ads section.  There's an old Tamiya Clod Buster ad there too. Two more Readers Rides were added today too.  Well see ya next month for another update, hopefully there will be more.

December 02, 2000

Well, not much this month.  Lets get to the products, then one small issue.  This month I added: FMA Direct S355 Servo, Parma Grave Digger™ #12, Parma Grave Digger™ #12 Painted, Parma Predator™/Prowler™ Combo Kit Monster Jam Truck,  Parma BIGFOOT® ChromaLsion™, Parma BIGFOOT® ChromaLsion™ Painted.  I also changed The Hooters Chassis Servo mount to Bennett's Servo mount.  Sorry about that mistake.  I was also informed I had the wrong Hooters Hobby Shop Phone number, that's been changed.  Also on the Tamiya Juggernaut wheels/tires product I had the price was for four, that was a mistake, its two.  Change has been made there too.

Now the little issue, if any body reads my guest book, you'll see some guy saying I'm extremely rude.  Well, before that post he asked a question about a rear steering eliminator.  Think about this,  what's my sites name?   What does it display?  So I e-mailed him this " I have a bunch listed on my site, please look there before asking in my guest book."  And that's when he posted the rude comments in my guest book.  I'll leave it there,  that way people can see how stupid the question was for a guest book.  I believe is attitude was uncalled, but that's just my opinion.    

November 01, 2000

Hope everyone's Halloween went well.  WoW!  I just realized this site has been up just over a year now.  That should show how dedicated I am to the Clod Buster community.  Lets hope many more years are to come.  Let's get on with the updates.  Not a large one this month, but a few new items.  Added a new section called 'Accessories'.  This section is little details for your Clods.  Currently Trick Racing products are the only thing there.  They make a bunch of good looking parts to trick up your clod.  R/C Monster Gear Tear Drop Aluminum Wheels.  Imex has brought back two of there clod tires for a limited time, they are: Imex Clod Truck Pull, Imex Clod Baja.  Images were added to ESP Clodzilla II Long Wheelbase Suspension Kit, and  ESP Clodzilla 2 Ladder Frame Chassis (I got a good Deal on a Clodzilla 2).   I added A couple of links to my link page.  Also added Imex Top Dawg Tires, APM Custom Hobby and, Sassy Chassis ads to the Flash back adds section.   Think that's hit.  See ya next month.  PLEASE PLEASE SEND IN PICTURES OF YOUR CLODS!!!

October 01, 2000

Another new month is upon us. I added alot of items this monthThey are: JPS Axle Tube, GPM Racing Wheel Drive Hub, GPM Racing Gear Box with Adj Motor Mount, GPM Racing Drive Shaft Tube with C Hub, Thunder Tech Racing Mounting Hardware kit for 4 link bars, New Era Models Complete Kit with Long Wheel Base, New Era Models Complete Tube Chassis, New Era Models Heavy Duty Steering Rod Kit, Thunder Tech Racing Improved Aluminum servo mount bracket, Trinity Speed Gem 2 Sapphire 17T Single MotorRam Light Bar, RAM Head Lights, RAM Head Lights, RAM Tail and Stop LightsRAM Turn Lights, RAM RAM Lights, Ram Lights Tamiya Roll bar, Ram Lights with Folding Roll bar, Ram Pace Car Light Set, Ram Clearance LightsRam Cab Marker Lights, Ram Racers Stop Lights, Ram Rectangular LightsRC Boyz Bearing Set, Parma Sudden Impact MONSTER JAM Monster Truck, Parma West Virgina Mountaineer MONSTER JAM Monster Truck, Parma Chevy® Monster Truck.  Wow, that's alot of items.  I added images to the following: ESP Twin-Tube Lower BumperESP Clodzilla Wheelie BarESP Aluminum Skid Plate, ESP Clodzilla Antisway Bar Kit, JPS Axle Tube with Steering, JPS Gear Box, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon fiber outer axle tube brace kit, ESP Clodzilla III Cantilever Kit, JPS Shock Mounting Kit (Replaced with a better image), JPS Aluminum Wheels.

Removed the following items: New Era Models Upper Frame, New Era Models Monster “CLOD” Truck, New Era Chrome Wheels.

Added one more Reader Ride, please please submit your pictures.  I love looking at other Clods.

I added more items to my Wanted section, poor me was out bided on ebay, lol. I also added many more RIP products.  Finally got around to that.

I added one new section called: Deals!!!   This section displays items that the manufacturer will give you discounts if you say ' Sent me' .  Hopefully I will be able to get some more manufacturers in there next month.

Added new feature on product pages,  now  you can leave feed-back and a rating on a product.  This will go for one month, then I will decide if it needs to be changed or kept the same.  Took me a while to code it. Another new feature is that the old has been changed/updated.  It will now show if the picture of the item was from me or not, or if there are multiple images available.  On the bottom of each section is a key.  The reason I did this is alot of people think I own every single product listed, witch is far from the truth.  Some day I'd like to own them all, but its just not possible at the moment.  One last item to note, there is now a Web TV entrance.  People have commented that my normal entrance crashes their box's. 

One last item,  Thunder Tech Racing has moved to a new location.  Please note their new address.

September 01, 2000

Bunch of new items.  I wanted to add more, but I'm a bit under the weather.  I think I caught it at a Monster Truck Show.  Now lets see...  I added a new section: Servo's. Only Servo's with 100 oz-in @ 6v and above were added.  Added many new Wheels: Tamiya Juggernaut Tires/WheelsOfna 19mm Monster Wheels, Ofna 17mm Monster Wheels, Kyosho BS-087 Wheels, JPS Aluminum Wheels (I'll get more info on these next month), Hooter Chassis Wheel Adaptor (allows you to use the Ofna and USA-1 wheels on your Clod Buster).  Added the following tires: Ofna Monster Spike w/FoamOfna Monster Blazer Tires, Tamiya Juggernaut Tires/Wheels.  Added one new Chassis: Radical Chassis Midwest Do-It-Yourself Kit.  Two hop-ups were added: Hooter Chassis Adjustable motor Mount, Hooter Chassis Front bumper/servo Protector. I also added an image to: ESP Aluminum Steering Link w/Ball Bearing

As you can see, the survey form was removed from the site.  I will post the results later today on the main page.  Just look under the 'Info' column.  It will be posted there by 8 P.M. Central time.   Next month I will have more JPS items,  I plan to look through New Era, seems they have changed a few things.  I also plan on getting the Monster Truck images page updated.  I'll also look up Cirrus Servo's and add them.

July 01, 2000

Well, besides the obvious (new domain) I have done alot more to the site.  Three new sections added to the parts list.  Decals, Stock Parts, and Do It Yourself.  The do it yourself section is pretty cool.  You order detailed plans to build your own chassis.  Good idea RCR Designs!  I also added the Bearing section link up.  Not sure why I didn't do that months ago.  I also added a Gear Box page.  This lists all the parts you need to build just the gear box's. Also added was an Auction page.  It just links you to eBay.  Added Tamiya RC Light Bulb Set to the electronics' section.  I have a list of lights from RAM, but I'd like to get more info before posting their products.  I plan on Snail mailing them since I can't find a web site for them.  I added a ton of pictures.  The products are: ESP Electronic Speed Control Cooling Fan, Dynamite Clod Buster/Bullhead BB Set (20), ESP Suspension Stabilizers (Added more info to this product too), ESP Clodzilla 2 Ladder Frame Chassis, ESP Clodzilla III Full Race Chassis, ESP Clodzilla Power Up Motors, ESP Front Bumper w/Brush Guard, Pro-Line Giant Traction Clod Buster Front/Rear.  Some of the Monster Trucks have more images too.  Also added a few monster trucks to the list.  Sorry, lost count of the ones I added.  I got to do more work on that section.  I now have a new e-mail address.  You can contact me at

June 02, 2000

Well, No complains on the banners.  That's a good thing.  Now lets get down to the update.    Starting to run out of products.  Well, I found the pictures from Bennett, so I have one of their products to add.  I also have a Digital Camera now.  A Kodiak DC215 Zoom.  Purchased it from Wal-Mart.  Its considered cheap in the Digital Camera world,  only set me back $300.  Not cheap in my world,  that money could have gone toward a shiny ESP Clodzilla 4, lol.  So now if you see any pictures with a blue back ground, (like this one) they came from me.  Which means I own that product.  Now lets get to the fricken update already.  I added more pictures to: Killer Bee MotorsNovak Super Rooster ReversibleNew Era Models Rear Sway Bar Kit, ESP Suspension Lift Kit.  I added more info to Team Associated LRP F1 Pro Reverse, and later this week I will post a bit more info on Killer Bee Motors.  I added three new products: Parma Ford F-350 Body, Pro-Line '00 Chevy Silverado, Bennett 2R Servo Mount.  Lets see now,  I also added my first Readers Ride photo.  Go look at Glenn's Clodzilla!  I also added Motion Graphics to the links page.  Man he does killer paint jobs. Next update I plan on adding more monster trucks to the monster truck images section.  I may also add a stock parts section.  and hopefully I'll have more info on the CLOD TALK DESIGNS products.  See ya next update.

May 01, 2000

Well this one was quick.  I was going to have banner ads on this update.  That got pushed back a few days.  I prepared the site for them though.  It will only be a banner ad on top.  This will allow me to get the domain I want (www.not_telling_you_yet!.com) lol.  I'll let you know its a .com and much shorter than my current one.  And its cool (the name I have picked out).  Well, I did do a few updates.   Added a Link Me section.  I may have gone over board on some banners.  I will try to get some different ones up soon.  Also added Special Deals!! under the product section.  I will explain more later.  I added a Monster Truck photo section.  This has photos of older real monster trucks.  Added a Reader Rides section.  Please send in your photos.  Updated R/C car actions section.  BTW Junes issue (which I just got) has a big Clod Buster Section in it. 

Added one new product, Team Associated LRP F1 Pro Reverse.  This is in the ESC section.  Added Imex Dually Spiked Clod Tires with Rims, and Imex Clod Bruiser Monster Hilux Tire and Rim Package tires to the Special Section.  Remember this is a time limited area.  The Imex tires for sale here are in limited quantity.   Added images to: ESP Clodzilla Wheelie Bar, ESP Twin-Tube Lower Bumper, ESP Aluminum Skid Plate, ESP Chassis Brace Kit,  and ESP Clodzilla 4 Pro full race kit (I think I have enough images for this kit now).

I should have better ESP suspension lift kit images soon.  I ordered it last week.  Depending on the Camera (normal one I have, or if I go buy a digital) I should have it up soon.  My main goal is to have more images than the companies have up.  And get my new domain.   One last note, I found out JPS has a new site address:, got the new address from R/C car action.


April 20, 2000

It's been over a month and I thought it was time for an update.  I didn't get everything up I wanted to,  but I can't do too much at one time now, lol.  I wanted to post some more Bennett info,  but I misplaced the pictures he sent.  Just when I get my scanner working too!  I'll find them and post on the next update.  Lets see now,  lets start with products that got pictures added.  ESP Twin-Tube Rear Bumper, ESP Front Bumper, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon 4 link bars, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon 4 link bars, Thunder Tech Racing Aluminum knuckle reinforcement bracket kit, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon Steering link kit, Thunder Tech Racing Rear Steering Eliminator kit, Thunder Tech Racing Aluminum servo mount bracket, Thunder Tech Racing Lower shock mount kit w/Brush Guard have images now. 

Added many new products: ESP Clodzillalever Floating Shock System, ESP Aluminum Wheel Discs, ESP Electronic Speed Control Cooling FanThunder Tech Racing Adjustable Motor Mount kit, R/C Car Kings Monsta-Foam monster-truck tire inserts, Dynamite Clod Buster/Bullhead BB Set (20).  I finally put up the ESC section: Novak Super Rooster Reversible, Tekin TSC G-12 GoldFET II ESC, Tekin TSC G-12C, Tekin G-12C III, Tekin 420-G2 GoldFETTekin G-9 Supersonic, Tekin Titan Reverse.  Many people asked about motors, so I posted some Modified motors: Trinity Speed Gem 2 Quartz 19T Double Motor, Trinity Speed Gem 2 Ruby 16T Triple Motor, Trinity Speed Gem 2 Onyx 14T Double Motor, Trinity Speed Gem 2 Jade 15T Quad Motor.  Please feel free to e-mail me what modified motors you run in your clod,  same with ESC.  I think that's it for products.  As you can see a few new product sections up.  Electronics which currently has ESP Electronic Speed Control Cooling Fan will be the place for cooling fans, lighting kits, ect..    Rod Boys products where removed from the site since no one can contact him.  Tips section was updated,  same with company addresses,  a Stock Clod section was added along with an Instruction and Catalog section.  I'm thinking of adding a Readers Ride section to the next update.  I'll have to wait and see.

You may have noticed the main frame (right frame) has changed.  I will put news and special offers there, like the  Stormer Hobbies 4:1 Gear Reduction Transmission.  I've been informed R/C Midwest now does powder coating and is open for business.

Beginning next month, I plan on putting a banner ad up on the pages.  This will be right under the red clod in the upper left corner.  This will help me get the domain name I want.  I have a nice one picked out. 

By the way the thunder sounds outside,  I should get going. Send me your e-mail and tips!

March 07, 2000

Yikes its been a while since I've updated.  Well I did finally.  Sorry to all those people who wanted an esc/shocks & more motors up.  I'll get to those next update.  This update a lot of changes were made.  All the thumbnails of the items were reduced in file size (they are all under 10 k now).  This should help the loading time.  The thumbnails also have a shadow border to them.  I think it makes the pages look a bit better.  If you have any ideas of improving the appearance, please send them to me.  Now allot of products received new pictures.  The ESP Clodzilla 3 Intermediate race kit, ESP Clodzilla 4 Pro full race kit, Bennett Clod-A-Lever IIR Rolling Chassis, Bennett Clod-A-Lever IIS Rolling Chassis, Bennett Clod-A-Lever IIS, Bennett Clod-A-Lever IIR, Thunder Tech Racing CENTURION all got more pictures.  Thanks go to Eric for sending me a picture of the ESP Standard Snow Plow Kit, the ESP Suspension Lift Kit also has a small image now.  While I'm on the topic of ESP, I've heard that there catalog is almost finished.  Lets hope its good.   Thunder Tech Racing seems to be making there presence known lately.  They have a few new products out. Thunder Tech Racing Lower shock mount kit, Thunder Tech Racing Aluminum servo mount bracket, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon Steering link kit, Thunder Tech Racing Rear Steering Eliminator kit, Thunder Tech Racing Aluminum knuckle reinforcement bracket kit, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon fiber outer axle tube brace kit, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon 4 link bars, Thunder Tech Racing Carbon 4 link bars.  Also look for his chassis in Aprils R/C Car Action.   New Era Models has a new chassis & kit out: New Era Models Monster Clod Buster 2000, New Era Models CNC 6061-T6 Aluminum Chassis.  They are also selling New Era Models Foam Inserts for Clod Tires.  Let me think, what else was updated.....  Well I believe that's it, I feel like I'm missing something though.   O, I took down the Crazed Racing chassis,  looks like another company bit the dust.  I've heard that people have had trouble Contacting Rod Boys.  I e-mailed him this weekend.  If there's no response with in two weeks, his products will be removed.  Hope you enjoy the update.  If you'd like me to mail you when updates occur, send a mail to (that's me) and tell me you want to be notified.  Please feel free to offer any suggestions in the letter.


Dec 20, 1999

Wo its almost been a month now,  Well I recieved the Bennet Catalog and Builders Guide this week.  Added Bennet's Clod-A-Lever IIR, Clod-A-Lever IIS, Clod-A-Lever IIS Rolling ChassisClod-A-Lever IIR Rolling Chassis.  I also added up Rod Boy's chassis: Grave Digger 2 Bare Chasis, Grave Digger 4 Chasis, Indestructable Chasis, Basic Universal Chasis.  I also added images for the Radical Chassis Midwest Show Kit. The CENTURION by Thunder Tech Racing has a set price of $499.95.  I should be getting the ESP catalog I sent for soon, so hopefully I'll have more info on them up.  I also changed the link to Clod Talk, it now points to the correct URL, and i decided to take down my buy/sell/trade forum and replaced it with the RCCR one (owner of Clod Talk).  It looks like I have close to all the products available listed.  I know of one more item I'll have added soon, and I hear Thunder Tech Racing is sapose to have new products out soon.  Lets wait and see.  Send me your feed-back on this site.  Its the only way I know that what I'm doing is worth it.  Or sign my guest book!! =)

Nov 23, 1999

Not many products remain unlisted, only ones I can think of are Bennette.  I will order his catalog with in the next few weeks.  Now Yesterday I added a new Clod kit from Thunder Tech Racing called CENTURION.   There is no price available for it yet.  Looks like it may be a decent racing clod.  Today I also added bullets in front of the options on the side.  And I put up a Clod Tips page.  Please visit it and submit your clod tips.

Nov 18, 1999

Sorry I didn't get the Dahm's body's up when I wanted, things came up.  Today I added TOYMINATOR, SPITFIRE XLSS, TORNADO SS, TORNADO STD, BUGGSY, THRILLER, CHEROKEE, CAMINO 2000, RAMMER SS, PHANTASY, SPITFIRE SS, SPITFIRE PS, SPITFIRE XLPS, RAMMER PS.   I also added the Killer Bee Motors to the list. In the last few days, ESP and Pro-Line have returned my e-mails.  I thank you for this.  I may have some news from Pro-Line soon, just double checking which seems to be taking a while.  ESP informed me that there company moved,   they now reside in my home state WI.  There new address and phone number are listed in the companies address's section.  And last but not least,  I added a Clod Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.  Please use this wisely.  I shall not be held responsible for any trades or sales that don't run smoothly.  Please use common sense when buying/trading/selling over the internet.  COD orders are actually quite nice, and don't include a huge charge.

Nov 10, 1999

Well I did something stupid,  I made all thumbnails into .gif's which most of the time ended up larger than the original picture in k size.  I re-did all my thumb's so hopefully they will load faster.  This site is now in the Tower Hobbies R/C Web Directory and also listed at the Open Directory Project,  under RC Cars, which I have just became an editor of.  The ESP tube bumper recieved an image today.  I e-mailed all the manufacturers listed on this site informing that their products were listed on my site.  To my surprise two company's e-mailed me back within hours of my mail being sent.  I thank Sassy Chassis for sending some info and images for their Clod Cantilever suspension, and their Clod Steel Axles. And they informed me that their Clod Aluminum Chassis & Lift Kit dropped from $99.99 to $59.99.   I've found them very fast with e-mail and very friendly.   The other company that E-mailed me back today was Dahm's with a list of body's that fit the Clod Buster.  Look forward to them being added on Weds Nov 11.  They were also very kind.      I'm still looking for the Bennette web site.

Nov 8, 1999

Added more JPS products to the archive, Shock Mounting Kit, Bearing set for transmission, Bearing set for Axle, Bumper, Gear Box, Axle Tube with Steering.  Also added two Parma body's: 1/10 Chevy Step side Body, Parma Snakebite MT Body w/Decals.  I added a image of Trinity's Clod Buster Battery Pack.  It may be a bit old, grabbed it off ebay. I also registered and so its easier to remember this sites address.          I'm still looking for the Bennette web site.

Nov 4, 1999

Keep forgetting to call Tower, I will soon and I'll also order the Parma catalog.  Today I added two products from Radical Chassis Midwest: Steering links and, Rear steering lock out.  This site has nearly all the after-market parts now except some from jps and Bennett.  I'm still looking for the Bennette web site.

Oct 30, 1999

Added the Parma Bodies to the archive ('97 Ford Bigfoot with decal, Chevy 454SS, Chevy Blazer, Clod Buster Body, Grave Digger Body with decal), I have to make a call to Tower to find out if three others will fit.  Also added two companies to the RIP page.

Oct 29, 1999

Today I added Trinity's Clod Buster Battery Pack to the list and put up a few more pages (search, & submit product).  Next week I plan on adding Parma's body's to the resource list.  And If anyone knows the URL for Bennett's web site, please e-mail it to me ASAP!  Thanks.

Oct 25, 1999

Today I added a few Dahm's Body's to the list (Starfighter, Commando XL8, Rammer XL8, Super Sport 454) .  If anyone knows Bennett's web site, please e-mail me the URL. does not sell any of the products listed on this site. is just an information collection on parts for the Clod Buster. Any sales between seperate stores listed on this site are between you and that store.