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Product Name..:  Rokzilla
Product Manufacturer..:  ESP
Company Address..:  Click Here
Fast Link..:
Product #..:  ESP500 Price as of 07/26/07..:  $279.99
Product Info..:  With RokZilla, we started with an All-New design-The Frame. Consisting of two 15" long, 1/8" thick, CNC machined aluminum plates and six 3/8" cross members, the RokZilla frame is as strong as it is good looking. Our goal was to build a frame that would not only perform well but also look like a real truck frame so that you will have a truck that you can truly be proud of once completed.

Other features include two battery mounts in the bottom of the chassis for a low center of gravity, CNC machined aluminum shock towers with window cut-outs, rear mounted radio tray and low profile aluminum body mounts.

10" of independent suspension action! This is a result of a unique mounting system that allows the 7" long coil over shocks to pivot freely as the axles move through their paces. This is truly an amazing feat for a truck that does not use cantilevers to increase it's travel. We wanted a very realistic, scale appearance for RokZilla and using cantilevers just wouldn't be right.

How about those extra long shocks and all of that crazy articulation. Rokzilla features a revolutionary single pivot double triangle suspension design that closely replicates that of a real crock crawler. There are new lower shock mounts that attach the shocks to the a point that is actually beneath the axle line allowing such extra long shocks to be fitted. The best thing about Rokzilla is that it's not just a great crawler, it handles too! With it's very stable suspension platform and 3.00" of vertical wheel travel, it handles and jumps similar to that of a stadium truck...without the use of sway bars!

Rokzilla features an all new unique servo mount that turns the servo upside down and puts it on the side of the gearbox. By eliminating the stock servo saver link through the gearbox and connecting the servo directly to the steering uprights, the steering is very positive acting with little play. A heavy duty 1/4 scale servo saver is also included. The other nice feature is that our ESP003 Lower Bumper and ESP018 skid plate can still be used with the servo mount. The rear steering is locked but can be easily changed to 4WS if desired by just purchasing another servo mount. RokZilla also includes our Wide Ride Kit wheel spacers which make the truck a full 2" wider for greatly improved handling and rollover stability.

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