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Product Name..:  Rockbull Clod Crawling Racing Chassis
Product Manufacturer..:  RC4WD
Company Address..:  Click Here
Product #..:  TBM-X003 Price as of 08/26/05..:  $199.00
Product Info..:  15" inch (380mm) super long wheel base and extreme articulation!

Rockbull full metal chassis is pack with rock crawling enhancements, like radical chassis design, super durable chassis frame, shinny silver high quality finish, monster suspension links with threaded ends, fully adjustable for various off road conditions and 5 way suspension setup.

Main features of Rockbull Ultimate Chassis:
  • Fully adjustable radical chassis design
  • 38cm, 15" inch adjustable wheel base
  • Advanced geometry designed for both rock crawling & track racing
  • CAD engineered & manufactured by RC4WD & TFB Mfg. Co.
  • Super light weight aluminum construction (side plate (2) 3.5oz/100g, battery plate (1) 2.1oz/60g)
  • Low center gravity
  • 20+ suspensions links mounting holes for maximum adjustability
  • Shinny silver coating finish
  • 5 way shock mounting position (crawling, articulation & racing Mode)
  • Support dual batteries
  • Over 40+ parts total (not counting screws, washers, spacers)
What's included:
  • 2x Rockbull Side Plates (Left & Right)
  • 2x Rockbull Battery & Radio Plates (Upper & Lower)
  • 4x Chassis support rods
  • 4x Body support rods
  • 4x Shock mounts spacers
  • 4x U Shape shock mounts
  • 2x Upper 4 links posts
  • 16x Metal rodends
  • 8x 130mm suspension links
  • 16x 3mm threaded shafts (for suspension links & rodends) 20mm long
  • 1x Axle tube brace
  • 4x large spacer (for axle tube)
  • 4x small spacer (for shocks)
  • 4x 15mm screws (M2.5 for shock mounts spacers only)
  • 12x 17mm hex screws (M3)
  • 4x 10mm hex screws (M3) (for mounting radio plate)
  • 4x 20mm hex screws (M3)
  • 2x 35mm hex screws (M3) (for upper 4 links posts)
  • 34x stainless lock nuts (M3)
  • 16x gold con washers
  • 2x nylon straps for holding battery
  • Detailed color manual and guide on how you can get the most out of this chassis
What's required for ready to run:
  • Clod or similar gear boxes
  • Servo mount kit
  • Steering & rear lockout kit
  • Radio, battery, servo, wheels, body, shocks, battery, esc, tires

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